Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Abigail is soo funny...

this is a video of abigail doing an impersonnation of someone... it is so funny!!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Minor Incident

These are the lyrics to a song that I want to learn to play on the guitar. The song was written by Badly Drawn Boy. Its in the movie About A Boy... It even has a harmonica part to it. Its a lovely song :)

A Minor Incident

There's nothing i could say to make you try to feel ok
And nothing you could do to stop me feeling the way i do
And if the chance should happen that i never see you again
Just remember that i'll always love you

I'd be a better person on the other side i'm sure
You'd find a way to help yourself
And find another door
To shrug off minor incidents
And Make us both feel proud
I'd just wish i could be there to see you through

You always were the one to make us stand out in a crowd
Though every once upon a while your head was in a cloud
There's nothing you could never do to ever let me down
And remember that ill always love you

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I am finally a blogger!!!!

Hi! Im Chloe' . This is my first post. My mom made me get this, i guess to let the family know how i am doing. Well, lets see. There's a picture of me on top of the snow mound outside the apartments. Everyday the snow plow comes and clears the parking lot, and whats left is what you see me standing on. There are piles like this all over town. Its quite odd actually to see them everywhere. I love being here at BYU-Idaho, but i have to give credit to my mom for forcing me to go here. Thanks Mom :) Well, today the weather wasnt too bad. About 25 degree's. so yeah.... i guess i'll just have to get used to the cold. As long as i have my boots, im good. That way i dont slide all over lol... well, i dont really have anything else to say, so until next time
you wish i was your best friend,